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Produced and assembled according to the latest technology and strictest manufacturing tolerances, using the most modern materials the new match pistol MG2 is entirely designed and produced by Cesare Morini. This pistol can be considered the most innovative in the world. It incorporates technical changes along with a patented percussion system that has resulted in a recoil reduction of up to 50% - without the use of heavy counterweights or muzzle brakes. The MG2 is extremely compact, has its chamber designed to be only 60 mm away from the shooter´s palm. It features a cocking system that avoids unwanted side barrel swinging and accounts for much quicker sight alignments after each shot. Although very compact the MG2 is equipped with a 152 mm (6") barrel (the maximum allowed by U.I.T.) which allows excellent shot groups even when using the most economical bullets. Shooters will also be impressed with the MG2´s new anatomical grip and its fully adjustable hand support. Available with different counterweights for a perfect customisation.


Technical Data


Anatomical, made of walnut wood, fully adjustable in all directions, designed and realised by Cesare Morini.



Fully adjustable rear sight. Adjustable sight blade (2,5 - 5,0mm), interchangeable front sight, sighting line: 219mm .


In all positions adjustable trigger blade. Adjustable trigger pull weight and easy distribution of weights. Dead travel: 500 - 1000 g Release force: 600 - 200 g



Made of steel or ergal and completely adjustable for a perfect balance.


The pistol is equipped with a safety pin and a dry fire mechanism.



Length max: 300mm - height max: 140mm - width max: 50mm - barrel length: 152mm - weight: 880/1.150g .


5 shots per magazine.



22" L.R.


ABS case, spare magazine, set of "allen" wrenches, kit for barrel cleaning, instructions book.